AUGUST 16-20
Location: Southland (JK)
Lead Instructors: Dean Seymour/Micki Dupont
6:45-7:45pm U13 (2009/10) - Battle Camp and Modified Contact Confidence
8:00-9:00pm U15 (2007/08) - Battle Camp and Body Checking Prep
Cost: $240 (Goalies 50%off)
Early Bird Discount: HHC10 (expires April 15)
*please choose the $100 Deposit Option w/Balance charged June 1 when it is more clear as to the status of the program
This camp will be an excellent camp for those entering modified contact and contact divisions. We will expose each player to the value of competition through Battle and Competition/Small Area Games (S.A.G.). S.A.G.’s will force players to read and react to situations and develop thinking skills in a competitive environment, which will allow the players to mirror conditions of a real game situation. This camp will force players out of their comfort zone, where they will be forced to make decisions repeatedly while competing in an environment that encourages creativity. Highlights of the camp will include: defensive and offensive techniques and strategies; safe/effective body positioning and body contact; driving to the net; corner battles; board play; net presence (offensive/defensive); checking techniques; angling to initiate attack; winning 50/50 battles; peer communication; corner play; understanding time and space; Hockey IQ Development with and without the puck. Our goal is to develop a player’s skill and Hockey IQ while engaging in a game situational battles.

Hockey is a game of battles. Increase your body contact confidence and develop the instinct to compete and win more puck battles in every zone on the ice. Learn the battle skills of body positioning, stick angling, and on-ice awareness to gain the confidence to dominate your competition every shift.

  • Learn proper techniques of hockey checking
  • Body contact confidence
  • Weight transfer when delivering body checks
  • Body positioning skills to absorb body contact
  • Proper angling patterns to force the offense to the boards
  • Stick positioning to deliver clean checks and recover pucks
  • Understanding playing safely while playing aggressively

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