AUG 19-22: 2010-2012 1/2 Day Camp - PowerSkate, Dryland, and S.A.G.

Aug. 19-22 @ Brookfield Seton YMCA

2010/11 (Strong 2012s contact first please)

9:00-10:00AM On-Ice: Explosive Edges PowerSkate

10:15-11:15am Gym: Dryland Conditioning/Games 

11:30-12:30pm On-Ice: PuckSkillS & Battle. Compete. Engage. (S.A.G.)

$380 (Plus GST/RegOnline Fee) 


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Explosive Edges Camp This Camp will run at an extremely high level of intensity pushing the skater well beyond their comfort zone via timing, conditioning and technical skating drills through quality repetition. Overspeed training devoted to increasing speed, lateral mobility, speed and acceleration, enhance edge work, develop quickness, pivots, balance, and agility with and without the puck. The 5th day of camp will be dedicated to applying the skills developed to Small Area Games and 4on4 full-ice. Highlights of the camp will include: technical skating techniques, fakes and explosive moves, explosive/offensive one on one, reactive training, quick hands, stickhandling zones, puck control & protection, shooting to score. 

Dryland Conditioning In between skates, players will participate in Off-ice Hockey Specific Conditioning and Training with Jessica & Fran (bio below): quick feet/acceleration, age appropriate plyometric activities followed by Yoga and stretching emphasis to reduce strains and prevent injury. 

Battle. Engage. Compete. (Small Area GamesThis camp will expose each player to the value of competition through Small Area Games (S.A.G.). S.A.G.’s will force players to read and react to situations and develop thinking skills in a competitive environment, which will allow the players to mirror conditions of a real game situation. This camp will force players out of their comfort zone, where they will be forced to make decisions repeatedly while competing in an environment that encourages creativity. Highlights of the camp will include: defensive and offensive techniques and strategies; safe/effective body positioning; driving to the net; corner battles; board play; net presence (offensive/defensive); checking techniques; angling to initiate attack; winning 50/50 battles; peer communication; corner play; understanding time and space; Hockey IQ Development with and without the puck. Our goal is to develop a player’s skill and Hockey IQ while engaging in a game situational battles.

Jessica Lemon is an Elite Obstacle course racer with multiple podium finishes at an international level. Being on the Spartan Canada Pro Team demonstrates that she takes fitness training seriously and has been exposed to many different training methods. She has also taken part in coaching athletes in variety of sports such as obstacle course racing, gymnastics and soccer. She is a Registered Nurse with over 10 years experience and also holds a BSC in Kinesiology and is Canfit Pro certified. Jessica is focused on growing as a dryland specialist and has put on many successful sessions for young athletes. She is an energetic and motivated person who has a love for coaching young players and seeing them grow into stronger and more well-rounded athletes.

Fran Del Castilho is a mother of 5 and a CanFit Pro Certified Personal Trainer. She trains multiple small groups weekly, as well as designing programs to help clients achieve specific fitness goals. She also has her Bachelor of Education degree, and taught Elementary Physical Education to students in grades K-6.  As a life-long competitive athlete, she has spent years training herself as a runner, elite obstacle course racer and most recently, soccer player.  Fran believes the keys to injury prevention in young athletes is teaching them physical literacy and increasing overall strength. 

  • Cost: $380 (Plus GST/RegOnline Fee) 
  • (Players will be ability grouped)
  • Maximum 26 skaters and 4 goalies
  • Goalies free - contact to register
  • Certified/Qualified/Coaches
  • All players receive a Hurricane Jersey 
  • Players are to bring water bottle, runners, t-shirt and shorts

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Cancellation Policy We understand that injuries, conflicts, and changes of plans occur. Cancellations must be received in writing (e-mail and confirmed by Hurricane Powerskating by 60 days prior to the start of the registered camp (minus a $40 admin fee). PLEASE NOTE: There will be NO REFUNDS or CREDITS given to cancellations after 60 days prior to the start of the registered camp.