This camp will combine two professional instructors on the ice along with additional support: Micki Dupont working with the D-Men and Dean Seymour working with the Forwards. Both groups will work on separate in-zone skills coming together to play in 1on1, 2on1, 2on2, etc. game scenarios. 
MICKI DUPONT will work with the Defensemen 
DEAN SEYMOUR will work with the Forwards 
Friday August 14 @ SouthLand (Ed Whalen)
4:30-5:45pm 2009
6:00-7:15pm 2008/07
Saturday August 15 @ Seton YMCA
1:15-2:30pm 2009
2:45-4:00pm 2008/07
Sunday August 15 @ Seton YMCA
1:15-2:30pm 2009
2:45-4:00pm 2008/07
$240 (plus GST)
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Designed for players who aspire to develop a well-rounded game. This program is based on the requirements to play defense and offense in the modern up-tempo game including: strong skating skills, game understanding and awareness, quick transition skills, and the ability to play both defense and offense. This camp will expose each player to the value of competition through Battle and Competition/Small Area Games (S.A.G.) forcing players to read and react to situations and develop thinking skills in a competitive environment, which will allow the players to mirror conditions of a real game situation. This camp will force players out of their comfort zone, where they will be forced to make decisions repeatedly while competing in an environment that encourages creativity. Highlights of the camp will include: defensive and offensive techniques and strategies; safe/effective body positioning; corner battles; board play; net presence (offensive/defensive); checking techniques; angling to initiate attack; winning 50/50 battles; peer communication; corner play; understanding time and space; Hockey IQ Development with and without the puck. Our goal is to develop a player’s skill and Hockey IQ while engaging in a game situational battles.
Highlights of the camp will include:
  • Defenseman specific skating - Backwards Skating Techniques
  • Stick Positioning
  • Gap Control
  • Pinning / Containing / Boxing out
  • Explosive skating, agility and lateral mobility
  • In-Zone battles and defensive responsibilities
  • Defensive concepts and IQ training
  • Shooting techniques and shot selection
  • Puck management, passing and pass selection
  • Positional responsibility and gameplay awareness
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