4 - 30/min Video Sessions in HD
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*Session Descriptions below


Dedicated to the development and mastery of stickhandling, Hurricane High Performance has teamed up with Pavel Barber to offer a Virtual Stickhandling Program. This is a high-energy, fast-moving Progressive Program live with Head Instructor Pavel Barber. The emphasis of these sessions will be focused on not only mastering stickhandling maneuvers, but also fine-tuning the application of skills. All the exercises are taught in a progressive, step-by-step approach that makes it easy to learn regardless of your skill level - See Session outline/progression below.

Equipment Needed:
  • stick
  • ball and/or puck
  • flat pad/garage/basement
  • Water bottle
  • computer/iPad
  • Wear your Current Team Swag - Jersey, T-Shirt, etc

Session #1 Stickhandling Fundamentals: Top Hand placement; Bottom hand placement; Top hand rotation; Bottom hand assistance; Keeping the hands off the body; Stickhandling with he puck in a functional position; soft touches; Wide movements; Stance

Session #2 Deception & Stickhandling with body movement & 2v1/breakaway moves: Crossovers; Split Jumps; Lunges; Scanning moving forwards; Scanning moving backwards; separating upper and lower body draws (opposite side of movement); Stride stickhandling; Quick weight shifts; Pullback; Fake shot toe draw; Fake shot slip pass; Fake backhand slip pass; Backhand cut back move; Open hip backhand; Curl to backhand; Fake backhand forehand; Forsberg one handed move; Quick release five hole from backhand side; Backhand toe drag/fake; Gagner Move (Net/goal for this Session is optional); Body language; Looking off the fake; Shifting the weight; Faking passes/shots; Opening/closing the blade; Moving laterally with the puck; Interrupting the puck
Session #3 Puck protection & Quick hands: Stickhandling in tight; Wide Stance stickhandling with movement; Shoulder checking; Offensive stick lift; Puck placement; Forehand/backhand stickhandling/escapes; Activating the inside leg to protect puck
Session #4 Quick hands & 1 on 1 moves & Creative Moves:: Coming over the puck; Coming beside the puck; bottom hand activation; Top hand rotation timing and amount of rotation;Maintaining puck contact on blade for longer movements; Adjusting blade angle with fast hands; Loading the puck with fast hands; Body movements with fast hands; Multiple pucks (need 3 pucks/balls total); Toe Drags; Backhand toe drags; curling the puck; Fake forehand 1 handed release; Looking off forehand/cutting backhand; going through the stick; Loading Puck fake to backhand; Loading Puck fake to forehand; Backhand/Forehand Chip; Forehand/backhand toe between legs; Continuous toe drags; Outside leg forehand draw between legs; Behind the back draws; One handed stickhandling forehand/backhand; Picking up the puck for a Michigan; Pulling between the legs for a shot

PAVEL BARBER has quickly emerged as one of the most sought after stick handling and skill development insturctors in the world. He is an internet hockey legend for his incredible hands, creative shootout moves and dangles and his skill development work. His YouTube channel has over 23 MILLION views on it and growing. Barber specializes in stick handling, shoout moves and creative skill development for both hockey and floorball. In fact, he is obsessed with it. He has studied talent generation across all fields and enjoys passing on that knowledge and training hockey players of all ages and skill levels. In 2016, Barber was selected to the Team Canada National Floorball team that competed in Riga at the World Floorball Championships. Barber is a GoPro sponsored athlete and has played Indoor Hockey and Field Hockey for Team Canada between 2010 and 2015. Originally from Toronto, Barber currently resides in Vancouver (or anywhere he can have a stick and puck/ball in his hands).

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